Our House Cleaning Services

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Ready for a fresh start? Our End of Tenancy cleaning is perfect for both landlords and tenants.

We thoroughly clean inside your property, making sure every room sparkles. This service helps tenants get their full deposit back and landlords prepare for new renters.

While we make sure to hoover carpets, we don't offer deep carpet cleaning or oven cleaning, and we focus on the inside, not outside cleaning.

With full-house end of tenancy cleans starting from £96, trust us to make your place look and feel welcoming!

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One-Off Standard Clean

Looking for a comprehensive clean without the effort?

Our One-off Standard Cleaning is perfect for anyone needing a thorough, hassle-free cleaning experience.

Ideal for busy times, like pre-holiday preparations or spring cleaning. We tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring a clean, refreshed space in just one visit.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a professionally cleaned home.

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Deep Cleaning

Got a room that needs some serious cleaning? You're in the right place! Life can get pretty hectic, and sometimes, rooms end up really messy, maybe because of illness, feeling low, or other reasons. But don't worry, we're here to help!

We're experts in getting a cluttered or dirty room back to looking great. Often, it's friends or family members who ask us to step in and clean up a space that needs some extra care. Our deep clean service is all about tackling those areas with lots of accumulated dirt or stuff, like on floors and counters.

Just a heads up, there are a couple of things we don't do. Cleaning up biohazards – like blood or poop – is out of our league because we need special training and equipment for that. Also, we don't clean ovens.

Starting from just £52, we offer thorough deep cleaning services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we'll provide you with a personalized quote tailored to your requirements.

Ready to see your room transform? Let's make it clean and comfy again!

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Regular Cleaning: Keeping Your Home Fresh and Clean

Need a helping hand to keep your home looking its best? Our regular cleaning service is perfect for those who live nearby. We come to your place and take care of the cleaning, making sure every part of your home stays neat and tidy.

Our minimum service is 2 hours per week, but we can also come less often if you need us for more time each visit.

We focus on the areas that need the most attention, ensuring your home is always in top shape. Whether you have a busy lifestyle or just want a break from the routine of housework, our service is designed to provide peace of mind and a pristine living environment.

Let us handle the cleaning, so you can enjoy a spotless home without the effort.

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Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Are you on the brink of a big move? Our Move In/Move Out Cleaning service is here to ease the transition. Ideal for those stepping into a new property, especially one that's just undergone renovations or building work, we ensure your space is welcoming and clean.

Please note, due to our dedicated yet small team, we're unable to offer move out cleaning on the day of exchanging contracts, as we want to guarantee a thorough and unrushed service. Plan ahead with us, and we'll make sure your moving experience is smooth and stress-free.

Let us handle the cleaning details, so you can focus on your new beginnings!

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Customer Testimonials

Gary Owens - 5 stars

"Friendly helpful easy going manner going beyond and above what is expected, and flexible to your needs"

KW - 5 stars

"Great Job! They did an amazing job cleaning our student house, which wasn’t in the best state at all!"

Karyl - 5 stars

"On time, clear talking/plan, hard-working, would def use again."

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Where We Work

At Welsh Lamb Cleaning, we're proud to extend our professional cleaning services to a wide area around Rhondda Cynon Taf, ensuring that homes in and around Tonyrefail, Porth, Pontypridd, and Llantrisant are always fresh and clean. We cover the postcodes CF37, CF38, CF39, CF40, and CF72, bringing our top-quality cleaning services right to your doorstep.

For those larger jobs, we're willing to go the extra mile - literally!

We occasionally travel beyond our usual service area for bigger projects. So, if you're nearby but not exactly within our standard coverage, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to meet your cleaning needs, wherever you are!

Can't Find What You're Looking For? We're Here to Help!

If none of the services listed above quite meet your needs, don't worry! We understand that every cleaning requirement is unique.

Starting from just £16/hour, we offer flexible, hourly cleaning tailored to your unique situation.

Reach out to us with your specific requirements, and we're ready to tailor a service to suit your needs. Your ideal cleaning solution is just a conversation away!

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